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Detailed blueprint design of Lorenz Motors' single-passenger drone-car showcasing its intricate structure and engineering.

Simplicity. Innovation. Performance.

Every stitch embodies the future of travel — our groundbreaking drone-car technology woven into the fabric of change. This is more than a shirt. It’s a symbol of the journey ahead.

Join the Movement

With every 2020 Vision shirt you wear, you’re not just supporting innovation; you’re wearing it. Become part of a community that drives change.

Unveil the 2020 Vision Collection

Experience the future of innovative wear with our exclusive set of three premium shirts. Designed for the trendsetters and pioneers, this collection is where technology meets fashion.

  • Butterfly Shirt: Unleash your inner genius with this geometrically inspired design.

  • Classic White Vision: Embrace the simplicity with a touch of futuristic aesthetics.

  • Bold Red Statement: Stand out in the crowd with a shirt that speaks volumes.


Elevate Your Journey with LorenzMotors: Celebrating 2020 Vision in Drone-Car Innovation


Discover the cutting-edge of drone-car innovation with Lorenz Motors. Our videos offer a glimpse into the future of transportation, guided by the visionary insights of our CEO, Peter Roman. Experience the thrill of innovation with each clip, and join a community eager to transcend the ordinary. Subscribe for a front-row seat to tomorrow's technology, today. Your adventure awaits at

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