Bring the theoretical idea of drone cars into practical reality with the advent of the internet.

Our motto follows the Theory of 1% Marginal Gains. This ties in closely with Lorenz's thesis that: 'small changes in the initial conditions of a system have large impacts on it in the future'.


Engineering Design










Market Demand

Economics is the sociological study of human decision making. Where we allocate resources, which in today's internet-based economy is attention-driven, determines which products are developed. Telling from our strong two-year track record, evidence suggests that there is significant energy being allocated towards Lorenz Motors.

Take for example the marketing endorsement for Lorenz Motors received from Kevin Flum, who implicitly recommends we add struts to the suspension system of the drone car in his song Mansion Tears, which are now named Flum Struts in his honor, as a sign of appreciation for the marketing hype.

This is not the first time an influencer has been involved in the company. Our story was inspired by Yousef Erakat, also known as Fousey, who initiated Project Butterfly and aimed to solve the homelessness problem in Los Angeles. As an early supporter, our founder sent him a laptop purchased with cryptocurrency, which at the time, in 2017, cost 0.3 bitcoins. In today's value, that's $20,000. The laptop was meant to help Bill, who lost his IT job, get back into computer programming.


At Lorenz Motors, we believe engineering, whether that be sound, chemical, electrical, mechanical, software, civil, social, or anything else, is more of a wealth-creation motivator than legislating money around.

While we're on the topic of homelessness, check out this video by Neuralema, a partner neroscience company that suggests how we might alleviate homelessness using Andrew Yang's $1,000 a month UBI proposal.



Lorenz Motors is also attempting to solve the chaotic air traffic control problem by developing a system based on artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and what is dubbed the 8-lane-z-axis convention.

Designing this sort of infrastructure would allow personal aerial vehicles to be more self-reliant, and possibly eliminate the need for communicating with FAA air traffic control every time an individual wants to fly all together. One possible way of doing this is by using blockchain. 


Social + Systems 


Part of our job at Lorenz Motors is socializing the idea of drone cars. Although this can come off as marketing, or advertising, it is actually an intense field that involves negotiating and dealing with legal, FAA, military,  government, and large corporations that we refer to as Social Engineering.

Although social engineering typically has a negative connotation, our goal is not to deceive, but rather to manipulate the social economy for drone cars to function smoothly within the given infrastructure.

Being able to rely less on human FAA air traffic control systems, and more on robotics and artificial intelligence is a crucial step for drone cars becoming a reality.

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