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Business Model


Lorenz business model relies on the butterfly effect; in that: the sale of small-scale drone cases to lead to the sale of mid-scale delivery drone services, which leads to the sale of full-scale drone cars

Since drone cars are a multi-billion-dollar investment: Lorenz is starting on the micro scale with drone cases. The sale of drone cases eventually leads to bigger endeavors, like delivery drones, which paves the way to drone cars.

The drone cases are manufactured by our key partner: Tesla. Marketing the drone cases is done through to establish reputability with selling, packaging, and distribution.

While the drone cases are being manufactured, sold, and distributed: Lorenz is partnering with New Jersey Institute of Technology's Drone Car Team to design, manufacture, and service delivery drones.

The delivery drones experiment with the 8-lane-z-axis system. Running the drone delivery service based on the same infrastructure as the drone cars demonstrates its feasibility, safety, and irons out any of its kinks.

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