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$290,000 Seed Investment

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

So, the reason I'm writing this blog is because my intensive outpatient clinician told me to come up with one small goal this week. And, seeing as though I have been lacking on the internet lately, I figured I might talk a little bit about what has been going on.

This one is a little personal, but hearing other people's stories is always entertaining, at least that is how I feel when I listen to others on the internet. I also feel inspired, motivated, and ready to take actions whenever the content is good enough, so hopefully being fully transparent will do that for some of you.

I'm not really supposed to talk about the details too much. Doing so can potentially lead to a $38,000 lawsuit. It says so on the contract I signed. Of the lawsuit settlement we settled out of court with. But, I'll do my best to wiggle around the wording of the contract a bit and say as much as I can. For instance, my personal story is my own, and no one can impede the first amendment to prevent me from sharing the horrors I went through early on in life. The details of the case I'll keep out, like the organization I sued, the perpetrators name, stuff like that.

I will say this, though. When I was 13, my "best friend" who was 11 years older than me stuck an anesthetic needle in my neck, and trigger warning, raped me.

I know that sounds vague, but I was instructed by my lawyer not to talk about this. I am only telling you because I have made somewhat of a name for myself by being completely open and transparent about everything in my life. A lot of people have warned me about being open about things like finances, but I think that if it is done in the right way, then it could not only be safe, but constructive as well.

Long story short, I have been in and out of the hospital about 14 times in my life for various episodes related to the trauma. I filed a suit back in 2018/19 with my attorney and it took three years for closure, but the well-documented hospitalizations and treatment records really helped argue the case for the abuse that would otherwise be difficult to fully convince a jury of given the nature of it. We ultimately settled out of court for $475,000, and after fees and Medicaid expenses that I legally had to pay I'm left with a whopping $290,307.

The question is, what do I do with a quarter million dollars? I know it's not that much money in the grand scheme of things. There are companies out there with way more, and an investor would probably take about 20% or more of my company for this much of an investment, so it's not like I can take it and build a full blown operation for flying cars. I would need more like $5,000,000 for a sufficient runway. But, it's a start. And, I'm grateful for it.

Anyway, for now, I think I'm just going to buy my Honda Civic Type R back again which will set me back about $55,000. My social life has seriously been lacking, and, if I can vent for a bit, I don't feel the success with Lorenz that I would want to at this point. Like, with the model I 3D printed, I felt very grandiose and like I accomplished something, but in reality it's like I still have a loooong way to go.

There are a lot of thoughts in my head with this newly held potential that, in typical fashion of mine, I would like to solidify into a single coherent plan of action by putting this energy out there so that the internet's thoughts can collectively help me decide what to do.

I want to leave by saying that I am not posting this to brag about money or anything like that. (Well, maybe a little). There are people close to me in my life who are like, stop telling people about the money, blah blah blah. But, that's just who I am. If you have been following me for a while you know that even I have publicized my real, life journey on YouTube from a young age. I have told you how much Bitcoin I have mined. I have told you about the $5,000 I lost on BitConnect. Talking about money is an important facet of life, and we should not let our insecurities prevent us from talking about one of its most crucial aspects. Besides, I love economics and all of the philosophy surrounding it.

If there is one thing I could wish for with this money it would be for me to make the most productive and efficient decision with it. So, please, put your head together and broadcast those thought patterns out into the world of how I could grow not only this money, but this company as well. Haha. Or simply reach out and let me know if you would like to help build Lorenz Motors. You know I'm good for it ;)

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