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90% There

Updated: May 6, 2023

When the idea of this project first crossed my mind, I asked myself what I truly wanted in life. I didn't consider the obstacles or what seemed achievable; I pondered my ultimate dream. And the answer was clear: I wanted to create a car company. I've always been a car fanatic, and brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Tesla have fascinated me. My passion for these vehicles and the desire to stand out led me to envision Lorenz Motors Drone-cars, inspired by the "super-power" element in my favorite superhero movie, Iron Man.

Tesla already dominated the EV market, so I needed a game-changing concept to compete for funding and marketing – and that was personal flight. My journey wasn't without support; I was inspired by YouTube personalities and my alma mater, NJIT. They provided me with resources and confidence to embark on designing the drone-car you see in Figure 1, a product of an image rendering AI.

Figure 1. An AI-rendered image of the drone-car concept, showcasing the innovative fusion of cutting-edge technology and visionary design.

Winning the 2019 NJIT Drone Competition was a cosmic sign to pursue this project. I took home $1,000, along with pride in my accomplishment, which I shared on social media.

As for the future, I recently acquired Facebook smart glasses to create marketing research videos featuring my patented design. I hope to generate AdSense revenue to fund a drone-car factory. I plan to interview NJIT students, gather opinions on my design, and recruit talent to work with me. This collaboration could potentially lead to partnerships with NJIT or other institutions to establish a manufacturing plant in New Jersey.

In today's world, CEOs need to embrace the internet and social media, documenting their company's inception and growth. It's 2023, and as a soon-to-be 30-year-old CEO, I am committed to vlogging and creating a documentary series of my growth process. Modern companies must engage in social media content creation to succeed and grow.

The drone-car design is now 90% complete, with the final goal being a fully manufacturable, assembly-ready computerized version. Stay tuned for more videos and updates as we continue our journey to change the world.

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