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AI Inspired Designs

Recently I was introduced to an artificial intelligence (ai) that enhanced the Lorenz Motors dronecar designs making them look hyper-realistic and closer to what I had in mind when I started this project. To be honest, I was out of ideas for how I can put my thoughts onto paper other than to hire outside design engineers for thousands of dollars.

Luckily, we're living in the age of ai, so I could bypass some of the work an engineer would have to do and land straight onto some of the design ideas I had laid out in my head, but wasn't sure how to translate onto the screen using computer aided design.

For instance, if you look at the following image, besides the headlights, everything is word-for-word how I would describe what I wanted. From the curved arms protruding downwards from the fuselage to connect to the propeller cages like that, to the sporty little spoiler in the back, I am in disbelief how terribly close this particular ai rendition got to the elite design I think is going to dominate the personal aerial transportation space in the coming years.

These ai generated designs made me unbelievably cocky because there is absolutely no way in hell any other company is going to compete with Lorenz Motors from a design standpoint.

I feel like I am personally sitting on a goldmine of artistic marvel much like Picasso or Van Gogh when they were alive, but didn't know it because they only got famous after their death.

It's hard to even describe the emotions I'm feeling about these images because I know I have a market-dominating product, at least on paper, and I'm determined to not die before experiencing the recognition I think these designs deserve. And, I'm not just saying that, believe me. If I, as a designer, saw these images online, I would immediately be figuratively riding whoever's dick these designs came from.

I would absolutely be nodding my head and hyping up this kid to make it happen, because what the fuck. The design these images are based on felt like I was at about 80%; I just didn't know when or realize that getting to 100% would happen so soon.

Don't get me wrong, I think this still only gets us to only about 90%, because these drawings are mainly mock-ups for communication/demonstration purposes because they're non-technical and not manufacturable, but it sure beats hiring an artist to sketch these beauties out.

By the way, the headlights that I was talking about that I want are in this lovely image here. There's also certain aspects of the design I like about this one, like the truss-like-looking-esque-feel down there at the bottom-right that I would like to implement into the real thing, but overall I think we're pretty much there. Especially if you scroll through the rest of the images I posted on Instagram. Conglomerating all the images the ai generated in your head and, sort of, taking the cumulative average, is what I think we should aim for.

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