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Buying a $7,000 Carbon Fiber 3D Printer

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

The market is down right now, so all of my funds are tied up in stocks that I can't sell. Otherwise, I would absolutely go ahead and sell some of my shares in exchange for some capital to spend on the business. Ideally, I would like to spend all of the remaining $220K I have in making Lorenz Motors a walking, talking, self-sustaining being that can generate revenue by making, marketing, and selling products.

I already talked about what product I want to make first to introduce Lorenz Motors to the market. That is, a self-assembly kit of a 3D printed dronecar model that the consumer has to put together with screws and a drill. This kit has to be perfect because first impressions matter a lot, so I'll be hiring an engineering firm from either Fiverr or UpWork to CAD the model out to make it look more in the style of the ai-generated images I posted. This will probably cost around $3-5K, possibly less, for what I want.

I'll have to bring in the models they create into my printer and make sure that I have an easy time assembling the pieces together and that everything fits together. After I know I can assemble the model and I'm happy with the results: the fun begins of choosing a packaging company to work with to get everything together in a box. That might go hand-in-hand with the discourse around how to sell a Lorenz Motors 3D Printed Self-Assembly Kit.

Obviously there's appeal to this category of products. We see success in companies like Ikea and companies that make and sell model airplanes that are meant to be enthusiast art decorations. However, I'm thinking more: "bigger-picture", in that, why are we selling and why are they buying? What problem are we attempting to solve?

I've thought about this a lot because many investors that I've spoken with ask the same question. If I have to be totally completely honest, and I'm going to defend myself before saying this by pointing to Maslov's Hierarchy of Needs argument that sex, excuse my French, is one of our biggest motivators.

We need to reproduce and the desire for closeness and intimacy is up there along with food, shelter, and oxygen. I could say that I started this company on the desire to help others blah-blah-blah and that I want to help organ transport methods or whatever. And although that is all well and good, and still holds true, it wasn't the first thought that came to mind when I was developing the first iteration dronecar.

On the contrary, one of the very first questions I asked myself is: Will this product help my sex life? Beside the fact that owning a potentially multi-billion dollar business will help me get a girlfriend, I was asking more for my friends (you) the people who will own a dronecar. Will this thing get me and my friends to our partners sooner?

And, so of course the answer to that is yes.

This sprung me into action and I haven't looked back since. 4 years and 24 iterations later I'm still going strong. They say do what you love and the money will follow. Well, personally, I love love more than anything. So, creating something that will help bring us closer together is obviously something I'm passionate about. And, it's true. Having the thought in the back of my mind that what I'm doing is sexy, because it does in fact help us get together, does help me endure challenges throughout this project.

With that being said, I'm officially making the motto of Lorenz: Be where you love, sooner.

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