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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

As you may have noticed, I updated the website. I started reading marketing books that inspired me to change the conversation I was having with you. Up until now I was focused on engineering the product and none of my attention was going into to selling it. Mainly because I wasn't ready, but also because my brain was wired to technical documentation, physics, and computers.

I am really glad I am done engineering a product I can finally get behind and get back to doing what I love, which is interacting with the public. These marketing and sales books are not only making my words more relevant to my subscribers, but on a personal level, making my thoughts and the conversations I have with myself more attractive and appealing. Ideas are flowing, and I'm not bound by the facts of reality.

I feel like a kid again, when I was a natural salesman and anything was possible. My ideas are flowing and I'm finding more enjoyment and positivity in life.


It's funny because marketers talk about hooking their audience all the while using hooking tactics in their book to keep you engaged, so their books are extremely easy to breeze through, so I feel super productive and #hellastudious lol

Don't be surprised, though, if you find that I'm now pushing my products and persuading you to buy my stuff. I'm actually enjoying this side of me. It's fun, and I believe that everyone should find their purpose (or product) that they can get behind and sell. I believe everyone deep down has an archetypal being that is intrinsically what we would think of as a business person in America. We may refer to that archetypal human being as God, but I imagine that our God-like form is essentially someone who is creating or selling something they love that can be found deep down within all of us.

I am glad I'm changing the relationship I'm having with you and actively trying to get you to buy into the solution to the problem I'm solving, which is that we don't have gosh darn dronecars yet and it's making me extremely sad face.

But, now, to the more mundane aspect of this post, which is the six step plan I'm executing to get this business where I want it. Feel free to pick up anything I say and use it yourself.

Step 1. Create a product. (Done).

Step 2. Sell merch.

This part is hard because creating a product only took four years of private work whereas I feel like getting a sale is going to take four years of public-facing work. What I mean by that is it will take a bit of social engineering to get people behind the movement I'm trying to start. As you can see, the way I'm trying to sell merch is by emphasizing that it will help people become ambassadors of getting flying cars to become real. While that sounds easy, it's going to take some marketing effort, content creation, and AdSense dollars to push commercials into the hands of users.

The marketing books I'm reading will help me do that, but it's harder than just sitting at my computer tinkering the kinks out of my product on a computer screen, because people are hard to influence. There is also judgement, push-back, and all of the other emotional luggage that comes along with interacting with people.

I love it.

There's something cold, metallic, almost, tinkering with a product for 4 years of my life and not talking to anyone. It really messes with your psyche and makes you an awkward, almost weird person to talk to. These marketing books and this transition into selling is telling my neurochemistry to adapt into a person that is loving, charming, and likable! :D So as much as it is difficult: it is equally rewarding because it's making me a better person.

Step 3. Sell self-assembly models.

This part is going to require some go-back-to-the-drawing board and roll-up-your-sleeves product design and engineering because I need to make a product that is ship-able. I'm mostly going to outsource the work though *wipes sweat from brow* PHEW.

I talked about the details in a previous post if you're interested. I'm not going to get into details here.

Step 4. Sell videography drones.

I'm also going to outsource the engineering behind this, but I can't wait to get this one out there. I might pick up a few robotics books or take a course or hire a tutor because I don't want to be a CEO who doesn't know his shit. So, excuse me if I become awkward in this phase again lol

Step 5. Sell delivery drones.

This one's tough, and I don't know the target market, or any of the logistics for that matter, behind this one. But, it's a step before dronecars because they're bigger drones than videography drones, but smaller than dronecars. I might skip this step all together depending on the economics behind the situation, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there, okay, chief?

Step 6. Sell dronecars.

Yeah. This one. Wow. I mean. Yeah. Racing dronecars? I can just imagine the publicity stunts I can pull to make this mainstream.

But, like anything in life, ya gotta treat where you want to be like a game of chess. Envision where you want to be at the end, and work backwards 20-30 steps. I'm thinking a video game marketing the dronecar and Lorenz Motors brand as an elite racing aerial transport company. I want a documentary and movie made about these things. A book. A TV show. There are so many marketing avenues we could take this and- ...

... it gets me really excited thinking about it.

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