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I love my car <3

There are obvious hobbies I have that speak to why I started a dronecar company. One of them is inspired by my passion for the Fast and Furious series. I saw the first three movies opening night when they came out in the early 2000's and it imprinted an infatuation for cars in my brain.

I knew that eventually I would own a race car, and at first I thought I had to build it myself, hence Lorenz Motors, but then we settled out of court for half a milly and we good. Here we are lol.

I post this to brag about how much money I have and how I'm better than all of you.

Just kidding.

But, no, really, I love my car and I wanted to share it because I know that if you're reading this then you probably also love cars and may be interested in my current transportation arrangements.

It's a 2021 Limited Edition Honda Civic Type R; turbocharged at 306 horsepower. I liked the Type R's ever since I saw that one scene in the first FF movie:

These black Civics (I assume they're Type R's even though I believe those were only available in Japan at the time, so I'm not sure how they got them in the movie). Either way, I thought this coordinated attack at stealing electronics from this 18-wheeler was super badass and I loved the green underglow to top it all off.

So yeah. I should also mention that that kid Jesse, the CAD designer, is a big reason I got into engineering.

My love for cars starts on the road, and I'm desperate to help evolve the racing scene into the air. Help by buying merch!:)

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