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Lorenz Motors' Marketing Strat

After looking over Supernal's website for a while, I had an idea that made me realize that I've never really vocalized a marketing strategy. I have a business plan ( ) and that's essentially what I'm talking about; formally, but in order to monetize and create a movement, I've never really aimed in any general direction.

I want to layout a plan according to what my team knows how to do. My team is not the most technologically savvy out there, but we have loads of personality, vision, drive, passion, and are willing to push the content necessary to make flying cars (dronecars) a reality.

I'll say here what I said to them:

My idea is that we create media surrounding the company's mission, which is to bring flying cars to reality by encouraging other companies and our viewers to innovate on technologies related to personal flight. In doing so, our company will become established as a media company with the vision for personal flight vehicles and the design, look, and feel for dronecars, and we, sort of, social engineer the change we wish to see in the world, which is to democratize the air space.

We envision a world where everyone can fly from place to place, so we're going to focus on content and hypothetical images to plant into our viewers minds to inspire growing and building something awesome. In doing so, our inspirations will foster the growth of the personal aviation industry because they will be motivated to go into engineering, design, and the general politics of it all.

How will Lorenz Motors monetize? By selling assembly toys, merch, and other accessories and reinvesting AdSense revenue into the development of miniature dronecar models, eventually evolving into bigger and bigger models that lead to a single prototype that our YouTube channel hosts fly around and make content around. People will flock by the millions to check out our cool dronecar that we race and fly around, leading to more and more in our collection until enough people band together to demand change and keep asking for their own dronecar.

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