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Updated 2022 Lorenz Motors Dronecar model simulator

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

It's 22 April 2022 and I just got out of the hospital for my 15th+ time in my life since 2010. I struggle with Schizoaffective Disorder, because I see and hear things that aren't there. Maybe it's because I envision a world with dronecars while others are stuck in the present. I cockily discharged from the hospital knowing I'm one of the few special people who have a knack for the future of technology.

Here's the video accompanying the corresponding date it's posted. I knowingly wish the full-scale model were 3D printed already while at the same time cherish the present moment of being an underground artist.

#video #lorenz #lorenzmotors #dronecar #flyingcar #aerospace #aerialvehicle #passengerdrone

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