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Marketing Plan, Strategy, and Research


I'm dedicated to making dronecars a reality. I've been working on this project for over four years. So, it's about time to start selling.

What products do we offer?

Well, it helps to start with what problems we are solving, and who is our target market. Our target audience is someone who is interested in watching us solve the problem of not having flying cars. Our company aims to manufacture dronecars, and since we don't have the capacity to do that yet: it is therefore a problem we are solving. You, the viewer, gets to watch us attempt to solve that problem. It's like a very long Netflix Documentary.

This problem: not having a business that documents its journey from small to big, is solved by our product: our YouTube channel. I say this because it documents our journey of becoming a legitimate company starting with the 6 Phase Process. In the form of podcasts, market research public interviews, and daily vlogs: we show the progression of a business from small to big.


Now, of course, not having dronecars is not the problem that dronecars solve. They solve a plethora of actual problems that the White Paper covers. including: + minimizing traffic pollution + enhanced safety + reducing CO2 emmision.

However, we are not there yet, therefore, we cannot really make an ad that targets people who want to get over traffic, because they will instinctually ask: Is it real?

To which the answer is: no.

Because the problem is not technology. We have the technology to make a dronecar. The problem is legislation, bureaucracy, and laws that surround personal air travel.

We solve that problem with our podcast, therefore, the commercial we must make must center around the story of a hero who wishes to follow the journey of a young company to success and who experiences narrative transportation in terms of wanting to help make dronecars real.

Our target audience is someone who is a problem solver who wants to help make dronecars a reality. It doesn't matter what field they're in, as long as it's someone who is willing to put their expertise towards dronecars.

So, imagine a college student who doesn't necessarily know what they want to do with their life. This podcast will help them decide to become a computer scientist, or maybe a lawyer geared around the topic of personal air travel.

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