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Pursuit of Computer Engineering

I am currently at a fork in the road and planning to veer off into the Computer Engineering field since it contains some of the toughest problems at a start-up company like Lorenz Motors. The flight controls, systems engineering, and robotics problems that I get stuck on are like writers block. The best way to get through a writer's block is by writing about the writer's block, so here's my attempt at bulldozing through this thought-block problem.

What I do know about computers is that transistors are analogously the building blocks of computers like amino acids are the building blocks of life. I know that an off is a 0 (false) and on is a 1 (true) and that with these two Boolean logical expressions you can build an entire computer based on "and" gates, "or" gates, and such. I also have a rough grasp on how computers store memory, which is by keeping the data on RAM sticks in the one/zero position corresponding to the data file type.

I'm the type of person who wants to firmly grasp the highest level of understanding of the fabric of any entity, which is why I studied a 600 course in college about statistical dynamics, because some things depend on our own consciousness, which can get confusing, if that makes sense. All I know is that I desperately want more in depth content on the internet about computer systems and their practical theories that make them run.

The ultimate goal would for Lorenz Motors to have their own chips specific to aerospace transportation in personal aerial vehicles, but I have a lot to learn. I was thinking about heading back to Stevens Institute of Technology to study Computer Engineering, but the financial block is a hurdle like no other. I'm sure I can find all the relevant content on the internet like Coursera, so there's that. I just did desperately want to get the thought out there that we need more computer engineers to spill their secrets. :/

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