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Secret Video

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Tonight we had a meeting about the four of us venturing together on this journey to become the number one seller of dronecars. There is much ahead of us in terms of completing this project, but then again, car companies never really finish; they keep evolving.

Join us at this fireside chat where we talk about our goals, ambitions, and honestly this meeting was pretty private, but I decided to share it with you guys in the spirit of transparency, so I hope you can respect that.

I'm honestly pretty excited about what the future holds for not only the four of us, but humanity as a whole. As I mentioned in the video, I've been shouldering a lot of the responsibility of this project and passing it off to Rachel who had no incentive to shoulder it, and had a lot on her plate as it was. Now I have the means to incentivize shouldering some of the load: I will no longer cave at the weight of the project.

Our goal is to sell merch and brand a lot of the ambassadorship going on in the world. When you hear the term legalize dronecars you'll always associate it with Lorenz Motors. Please consider subscribing to follow along and help advocate for this cause. Your email address and subscription go a long way in helping us communicate with you and getting everyone on the same page in terms of getting flying cars to become a reality for all.

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