Research + Development

Blockchain Insurance

Develop an altcoin based on blockchain that can be integrated into the Lorenz drone car system. Branding is important. Make sure to emphasize that energy is being transferred.

The point is that everyone's wallet is like a battery, and the currency being transferred is decision-making power. See video below:

Estimated Value: $150,000.00 per year of dev

Software Engineering

Credit: N/A

Water Electrolysis

Develop the AC equivalent of DC water electrolysis. Much like how Tesla outdid Edison, we're going to outdo Volta.

Water electrolysis has largely remained DC-based since the 1800's. In order for our drone cars to run on water we need a new method of converting it to hydrogen. Watch the video below to get an idea of the direction Lorenz is headed with the zero point quantum vacuum energy field device that filters water into hydrogen.

Estimated Value: $130,000.00 per year of dev

Electrochemical Engineering

Credit: N/A

Develop a small-to-mid-scale prototype of the Lorenz drone car. The point here is to develop the software and mechanics that controls the rocket cages and steering system. See the video to get an idea of how the gears should work.


Estimated Value: $100,000.00 per year of dev

Mechanical Engineering

Credit: N/A

Product Marketing Engineering

Sell the idea of Lorenz drone cars, and socialize the concept of flying cars. Many people still think drone cars are years ahead of our time. Your job is to pull that future closer to us by selling the dream of owning a flying car.

Market Lorenz merch as super-power-giving-attire that enables the superpower of flight.


Design a website front for Lorenz that showcases your drone car CADs, and simulates its controls using TensorFlow and other machine learning methods.

Estimated Value: $100,000.00 per year of dev

Product Marketing Engineering

Credit: Piotr Rzymski


Lorenz is solving the chaotic air traffic control problem by developing a system dubbed the 8-lane-z-axis-convention based on artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

This design allows personal aerial vehicles to be self-reliant, and eliminates the need for FAA air traffic control every time an individual wants to fly all together.

Estimated Value: $170,000.00 per year of dev

System Design Architecture

Credit: N/A